|| Sorry for the stupid things ||

Sometimes we wish for the better,

When we have it good as it gets,

Sometimes the grass isn't greener,

As soon as we find out, we forget,

Sometimes a fool doesn't know he's a fool,

Sometimes a dog, he don't know he's a dog,

Sometimes I do stupid things to you,

When I really don't mean it at all,

Sometimes a man is gon' be a man,

Its not an excuse, its just how it is,

Sometimes a wrong, don't know that they wrong,

Sometimes the strong, ain't always so strong,

Sometimes a girl is gon' be a girl,

She don't want to deal with all the drama in your world,

God knows I don't mean to give it to you,

So girl, I'm sorry for the stupid things,

I wish I didn't do but I do


Anonymous said...

i love this song......ngeh ngeh...lirik die best kn.sesuai utk kamu.hahaha


Rezza Alias said...

haha song frm babyface..sesuai utk org yg buat salah tapi xdelah salah sgt kan..haha sapakah diantara kamu2 yg hntr cmmnt ni?

Anonymous said...

ngeh ngeh.....salah ckit je:P

Princess A3-10-2

Rezza Alias said...

xde maknye skit2..haha